Providing A Sterile Water Pathway Since 1995

ISO 13485 Certified


We use the AquaFit™ and AquaSept™ Sterile Water Delivery System for all irrigation through our Handpieces, Piezo units and Air/Water Syringes during all surgical procedures. We feel we are doing the best we can to assure our patients contaminate free irrigation. The AquaFit™ and AquaSept™ System has been remarkably maintenance free and easy to use. When we have had a question or need some minor maintenance the company has been incredibly responsive and diligent. I cannot imagine practicing without the AquaFit™ or AquaSept™ System.”

Kirk Pasquinelli, DDS
San Francisco, CA

I’ve been using the AquaSept™ System for about 20 years. I am thankful to have had the peace of mind and confidence that this system provides, as no other system does.”

David Domenella, DDS
Richmond, IL

Since I am a pediatric dentist, nursing bottle caries has me working in the hospital OR quite a bit. While it is not possible to keep a sterile environment while working in the mouth, the hospital wants to come as close to it as possible. AquaSept™ was a great solution for us. We took our aging dental unit and retrofitted it with three AquaSept™ high speed units and an AquaSept™ three-way syringe. We ended up with an essentially brand new, sterile unit. The hospital is pleased, and everything has been working, trouble free, for several years now.

Chris Carroll, DMD
Winona, MN

Dr. Reeves, Dr. Toloue and their staff comply with all infection control guidelines and recommendations. During surgical procedures all equipment is sterile including any water lines used. The AquaSept™ system used in our practice is one of the few systems that comply with the 2003 CDC guidelines for infection control during surgical procedures. Check with other surgical providers to ensure they are using sterile tubing for your surgery. Cedar Park Periodontics, PC and Dr. Reeves will do all possible to make sure you are treated safely to minimize the chance of infections.

David Reeves, DMD and Samira Toloue, DDS – Cedar Park Periodontics


Cedar Park, TX

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