Providing A Sterile Water Pathway Since 1995

ISO 13485 Certified

It’s all about the biofilm

Biofilm is a complex structure adhering to surfaces that are regularly in contact with water, consisting of colonies of bacteria and usually other microorganisms. In dentistry, it is essential to rid supply lines of this health hazard. MORE>>

Why AquaSept™?

With current infection controls in dentistry it is just as important to sterilize the tubing as it is to sterilize the handpiece and other instruments.  AquaSept™ assures a sterile delivery pathway to your handpieces in a surgical setting as well as in your daily dental practice.

If you are tired of having an assistant squirting sterile water from a disposable syringe.  Or if you would like to not have to invest in specialized surgical equipment just so you can have sterile water IV pumped to your handpiece, AquaSept™ can help.  We have helped dentistry since 1995 and we can help you.

Whether you are looking to convert your existing equipment for surgical procedures or want to simply eliminate biofilm in the waterlines altogether, AquaSept™ is for you.  Call us at 888-539-3907 to learn about this valuable product that can save you time and money and give you peace of mind.

From the OSAP website . . .

“Sterile water cannot be delivered through a standard dental unit. For practices that perform surgery with instruments that are connected to the dental unit water system,

a sterile water delivery system would be a worthwhile investment.”

AquaSept™ in Action

A clean office
is a healthy office.
“All high speed handpieces are steam sterilized after each use; prophy contra angles used for dental cleaning and polishing are disposed of after each patient. Each room is equipped with AquaSept™ Systems…”

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